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To the Last Bullet German’s War on 3 Fronts. The East

Publisher: The Oliver Publishing Group (Firefly Collection)
ISBN Number: 978-0-9806593-4-4
Author: Dennis Oliver
Soft back, 32 pages, A4 Format, glossy art paper, maps and full colour profiles

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Initial assessment…

The book starts with four pages of historical background from June 1944 to January 45 and included in these initial pages are a map dated June 1944 of the Eastern Front and a table of Panzer Unit Strength for May 1944. The back part of the book also has historic background from February to wars end, Table of Panzer Division and Panzer Regiment 1944, Panzer unit strengths for March 45 and a situation map for the Berlin / Oder Front 1945. The greater part of the book is given over to the profiles which show the camouflage pattern and markings on each vehicle. In this section is an abundance of unit markings in colour.

The book is 32 pages long plus the inner covers and back cover with text, map or profiles totalling out at 35 pages in all and is printed on good quality paper with a glossy finish except for the inner faces of the cover which are matt.

A lot of the vehicles used in the last part of the war are covered but there are exceptions as no Tiger II, Jagd Tiger or Jagd Panther but as this is Vol. 1 of a series I feel these will be covered in later editions. What is included in this book is very good with coverage of what could be the common vehicles of the period like the Tiger I and Panther to items like a Panzer III used in 45, A lend lease white halftrack used by the Russians as aT48/57mm, a Sherman M4A2 and ground mounted Panther and Pz IV turrets in Berlin with locations. Field applied modifications are also noted throughout the book, which are accompanied by drawings which point this out.

The colour schemes are very good but the author admits that it is not the definitive work and that some are open to question but these are noted in the accompanying text. There is a large selection of schemes which range from single colour through the tri to white and encompasses all that I’m familiar with. The markings for each individual vehicle which are dealt with in a very detailed manner, also gives notes on location, unit, date and unit insignia and tactical markings.

I think this is a great little book which as part of a series is one I’m sure modellers and those interested in this part of history will deem as a worthy addition to their collection. For modellers I believe that Bison and Nordland Models will or already produce decals for some of the vehicles in this publication, so with the prolific release of models of this period you should have no problems building vehicles from this late period of WWII.

Very Highly Recommended

Bill C.

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