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Revell USN GATO Class Submarine


  • Revell USN GATO Class Submarine
  • White Ensign Models – Prop Guard
  • Eduard ‘Big Ed’ Detail Set

Scale: 1:72nd
Review by Les Venus

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Injection Plastic, Etched Brass, Wire, Lenses (Little Cars), Brass wire, 3mm, Steel tube, brass sheet, monofilament fishing line (2lbs), Cyano Glue, Accelerator, Extra Thin Cement, Revell Contacta, Microsoft Decal Softener, MDC Sanding Sponges, Wet n Dry, Clean rags, 3inch soft artists paint brush

Halfords Grey Primer, Tamiya, Revell, Alclad, Mr. Colour, Rowney Oils, Tamiya thinners, Rowney low odour turpentine

Our thanks to Hannants for supplying the Eduard BIG Ed etched set. Get this awesome etch package here at:

Our thanks to White Ensign Models for supplying the etched sample:


Before reading this I strongly advise that you take a look at my ‘Here Now’ look at the Revel GATO as I think it sets the scene for the build.

OK so rambling over, the first thing to note is how big this monster is. You can see it against a regular pot of Revell and Tamiya Paint and my latest 1:72nd scale Holland Class Sub. The kit isn’t difficult but will need very careful planning. I am fortunate in having a large purpose built ‘den’ for my modelling but as you can see it takes up all the available space on my build table. So before you go out and buy one of these beauties make sure you have the space and prepare to buy your partner something very nice and probably very expensive to make up for the disruption!!

Planning will be key in everything in this build. My plan was simple but has proven to be effective. I decided to split the project into four distinct phases:
Phase One: Construction, painting, decaling and weathering of the hull.
Phase Two: Construction, painting, decaling and weathering of the conning tower and armaments.
Phase Three: Join completed Hull and conning tower
Phase Four: Final finishing including rigging and fine details
There will be a Phase Five and six………How on earth do I get it to my local Club meet or show and finally where on earth am I going to keep it!
Don’t, if you can, let any of this put you off as I have to say this is and continues to be a wonderful build and most enjoyable. So here goes, sit back and pay attention as there will be questions at the end!

Hull and initial brass work

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