Airbrush Workshop – How to get the best results every time

Tutors: Geoff Coughlin and Adam Waistell-Brown

Date: Saturday 12 October 2024
Start: 9.30 Finish: 16.30 (refreshments and lunch included)

Venue: New Life Conference Centre, Mareham Lane, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 7JP

Cost: £95.00

Limited to 12 places only

Sponsored by Ultimate Modelling Products


In a nutshell, this is what this workshop is all about

This is a real hands-on airbrushing workshop, for modellers of all levels and especially those who are not too confident using an airbrush or maybe thinking of getting one and making that jump through to all modellers who just want to improve and develop their airbrushing technique. Just bring along any airbrushing gear you have and learn how to get the best out of it!

Maybe you are someone returning to the hobby after a break? Then this day is one that will give you confidence to take on airbrushing and create great models that you’ll be really happy with and take your modelling to the next level, whatever that may be for each of you.

Tailored to what you want!

We will tailor this workshop to all those who book onto it – so do book your place (there are only 12 available for this workshop) and tell us what you want to learn and know and we’ll do the rest.

Here are some examples of what we have planned for the ‘Everything Airbrush – How to get the best results every time’ workshop

Choosing and using an airbrush that’s right for you:

  • the different kinds of airbrush available
  • how much to spend
  • where you can get the airbrush that’s right for you
  • you may have heard of ‘single action’ and ‘double-action’ airbrushes but what exactly is the difference and which sort should you buy? All your questions will be answered.

Choosing an air source:

  • just what you need to know about compressors
  • what compressors are good to buy and which should be avoided
  • getting a clear idea on pricing and what compressors are good value for money
  • how to get the best out of your (any) compressor
  • air pressures and spraying – what you need to know
  • what about air cans – are they any good? What are their limitations and long-term costs to you of making the right choices? You’ll get the answers!
  • getting sound advice on simple measures to protect your health.

Using your airbrush:

  • techniques to achieve anything from thin pencil lines to covering bigger areas
  • spraying camouflage patterns
  • spraying cars and other non-military vehicles
  • spraying through stencils and ‘splatter plates’ to get really effective camouflage patterns and weathering effects
  • masking methods and options – some great time-saving how-to’s here!
  • your airbrush – how to look after it, maintain and clean it
  • sonic cleaners – what they are, how to use one and deciding if they are worth investing in.

Paints to use and how to use them:

  • all the options covered – water-based acrylics, spirit-based acrylics, lacquers and acrylic-lacquers and enamels – so many choices but which are ‘best’? You’ll discover all the pros and cons of spraying different types of paint and the paints and ranges most suited to you
  • what paints are safe to use with other paints, washes and weathering products – you’ll find out
  • thinning – your choices – lots of choices but what’s the easiest, fail-safe thing to do? You’ll find out.

Your wants and needs:

  • we will cover anything you specifically want help with – just ask us beforehand when you book and we’ll make sure it gets into your programme for the day
  • bring you own model or models to practice on
  • use our models – test-beds we’ll provide for you to practice on and develop your airbrushing skills.

How are the workshops run?

Plenty of demonstrations by Geoff and Adam along with skills practice for you! That means individual help and coaching to help you practice and develop your skills with tips and advice, all in a friendly and supportive environment. Just ask anyone who’s attended one of our workshops and do take a look at what others have said before – here’s what Mike M. said from his recent experience…

Thank you so much for running the Skills Workshop. You, Dave and Adam were superlative in presenting so many techniques and materials to help those of us who attended. I am already trawling the net to find some of the new tools and bits & pieces that you guys recommended. I am aware that what we saw in the hands of the three of you will not turn us into instant experts but, with patience and perseverance I am hopeful that perhaps some of my future models will turn out to be much more satisfactory to me (once completed!) I don’t say that we shall all be turned into instant competition winners but I am positive that that was not the object of the workshops. The main thing is that you have shown us what can be accomplished, the rest is up to us.

Additionally, the venue and service at De Vere Jubilee Conference Centre was absolutely outstanding.
Mike M

What do I need to bring with me?

More information will be available nearer the time and at this stage please bring along:

  • Compressor and airbrush if you have one – only quite compressors please. We’ll have a spare compressor/airbrush hooked up to use on the day if you don’t have one)
  • Water-based paints and thinner for same (manufacturers like: Lifecolor, Hataka Red Line, AMMO ATOM and Vallejo are ideal but any other water-based paints designed for scale modelling will do
  • A bristle brush to help clean the inside of your airbrush cup
  • Container and tissues for cleaning up
  • Masking tape – Tamiya is ideal
  • A model to practice onalready primed with a suitable primer such as AK grey primer and microfiller plus 2/3 other sections of plastic or old model to practice on
  • Blu-Tack putty
  • Sharp scalpel or other modelling knife
  • Steel rule

  • Cutting mat

  • Post-It notes – a pad is ideal plus scissors to cut into smaller sections
  • Note pad and pen – to make copious notes on the day. There’s a lot to take in and we strongly recommend you makes lots of notes on the day
  • Anything else that you want to bring along, ask and talk about…

Book your place now – limited to only 12 modellers for this workshop


Airbrushing 2024

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Price: £ 95.00