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Building the British Phantoms Volume One

Building the British Phantoms Volume One
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A stunning 366 page eBook with colour illustrations
Geoff Coughlin — with the aid of a host of contributors — guides you through the specifics of building the FG.1 Phantom in Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm, and A&AEE service. With six kit builds, 20 colour profiles, chapters on the Evolution and Key Features of the FG.1, along with an extensive 61-page Walkaround section, this book is an essential resource for anyone wanting to build this particular version of the British Phantom.

Watch this... A message from Geoff Coughlin is for YOU whatever your area of interest!
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"I just wanted to thank you, and everyone at SMN for a year's inspiration, and some quite fantastic builds. I loved Your Classic Corsair build, the Airliners and of course the ZM F-4E Phantom. They are all Masterclass builds."

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