Classic Kits

Welcome to our Classic Kit Builds area…

The aim in this area is to gradually pick off those iconic models of the past and give them a new lease of life today :)

Very loosely in this context ‘iconic’  means – popular, hugely popular, ones we remember with fondness building when we were much younger? Anything like that will do as a possible subject….

This area is not about taking on rubbish kits for the hell of it – ones that were just bad, a nightmare to build and not enjoyable – what’s the point!? No, this is about finding, cherry-picking, the best ones we can – best being any that any one of the team and you too of course really want to go back to and have another look at. Using the skills you have today, go back and take on that project again and see what you can do, but above all, have FUN!

Do you have a favourite classic kit you have built, would like us to build, or are planning to build?! Let us know and we can add your build into this ever-growing list.

Finished Aircraft Classic Kit builds so far…