Feedback Summary – Armour Workshop Modelling in a Day 06 March 2016

Feedback Summary – Armour Workshop Modelling in a Day 06 March 2016


What did you think about your workshop? What did you like most?

  • “great value for money”
  • “all the basics of weathering well covered in a friendly and helpful hands-on manner”
  • “today was a very enjoyable day; learnt lots and improved and that’s what I was looking for”
  • “it was an amazing, very informative class – very good value for money”
  • “the clear and concise explanation of the correct application of colour tones”
  • “time to ask questions and learn in a very informal and relaxed way”
  • “chipping, wood and mud”
  • “we covered a lot of effects in a short time”
  • “we covered many things, including: chipping, filters, pin washes, scratches and much more – the instructor was very helpful throughout the day”
  • “for me, learning to do scratches and chips was something I struggled with – I am glad to have improved”
  • “a very good course – highly recommended, very enjoyable”
  • “very helpful and inspirational”
  • “applying mud”
  • “excellent, no question value for money. We covered filters, chipping, hairspray, mud and distressed wood – a lovely manner, couldn’t have been better”
  • “excellent on all questions – everything very good”
  • “having a go at hairspray. I have read a lot about it and have tried chipping fluid with limited success”

What workshop(s) would you like to attend in future?

  • “figure painting – construction and re-posing”
  • “more on painting and weathering”
  • “anything to do with armour/AFV modelling and/or weathering/realism”
  • “I’d love to see more on tyres for armour and soft skins”
  • “might try Aircraft next time”
  • “weathering of equipment on AFVs; trying for a realistic wood effect, cables, rusting and degree of use”

Is there anything that could be improved today?

  • “very little to be improved. Although it was Lester’s first presentation he managed to be the most professional presenter”
  • “a two-day course / weekend?”
  • “I feel today ran smoothly and as good as possible for the time allowed for the day”
  • “maybe making it a full weekend (Sat-Sun), even if this increases the price, as the instructor had more stuff he wanted to cover but ran out of time”
  • “more use of video camera and screen to see Lester at work”
  • “much as I moan, the venue was probably in the right area”

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