IPMS Scale Model World 2018

Yes it’s that time again…. Scale Model World 2018 is coming and we will be there with our stand and will be running 3 fantastic demonstrations on both days!

How to use hairspray and chipping fluids to achieve all sorts of weathering effects – with Jamie Haggo

11.00 Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 November

Come and join me at 1100 on Saturday and Sunday at Scale Model World at Telford on the Scale Modelling Now e-magazine stand where I’ll be doing modelling demos. I’ll be showing how to use hairspray and chipping fluids to achieve all sorts of weathering effects.

If you’ve got a copy of my Modelling School book and would like it signed then feel free to bring it along. And if you haven’t got a copy yet I’m sure there will be plenty in the bargain bins at the show!

See you there.

How to use pastels to weather aircraft – with Geoff Coughlin

3pm Saturday at the Scale Modelling Now stand
2.30pm Sunday at the SMN stand

Sometimes we are looking for more subtle weathering effects on our models and this is where pastel chalks are great because they are easy to use and can quickly create very realistic effects. I am an aircraft modeller but these techniques can be used by modellers who build any subject at all :)

In this series of demos I will show how I use pastels to create:

  • panel line shading to highlight or create shadows
  • exhaust staining
  • faded paintwork
  • dust and grime accumulation
  • materials and tools for working with pastels.

How to spray Humbrol acrylics – with Geoff Coughlin

4pm Saturday at the Scale Modelling Now stand
1.30pm Sunday at the SMN stand

With so much choice of paints available to modellers, whatever your area of interest, it can be hard to choose what to use and when.

In this demonstration I’ll show you how to:

  • choose the best combination of paint and thinner
  • mix Humbrol acrylic paint to achieve the ideal ratios for spraying
  • choose the best pressure settings for your compressor when using these paints
  • apply the paint to your model
  • trouble-shoot any issues you are having
  • answer questions and offer any general tips for spraying with an airbrush.